IPP SW Intern

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We care about the health and wellbeing of our employees, therefore during these unprecedented times we’ve made the decision to transition all work to virtual. Interviews will be conducted virtually, so you will be able to successfully go through all the hiring stages without visiting our on-site campus. Intel is taking all the necessary measures to provide the resources required to work from home: laptops, monitors and others. As you know, the coronavirus has interrupted normal life everywhere, but we are doing our best to make sure you feel as welcome as possible during this virtual experience.

Job Description

Intel Performance Primitives team develops and optimizes computation functions for the different areas: Signal and Image processing, Data Compression and Cryptography. We are looking for an intern in our strong and professional team. SW developer should know or would like to learn existing and new Intel architecture to optimize IPP functions for required platforms, should possess good math skills and have strong wish to grow expertise in SW development and optimization. The developer should have programming skills in C as the main language for the Intel(R) IPP library development. Knowledge in C++ and assembly language is very welcome.

Job Qualifications


  • Experience in C
  • Good skills in Math
  • Experience in development on Windows, or Linux, or MacOS

The following qualifications would be an advantage:

  • Knowledge in C++ and assembly language
  • Basic knowledge of Intel and other architectures
  • Expertise in image processing / data compression / crypto


IPP SW Intern

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